Ultrasound Tech


Physicians, Managing Nurse


Responsible for rendering professional care to patients undergoing gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure within the Center, in accordance with established procedures. Functions cooperatively with physicians and staff exhibiting teamwork characteristics.

  1. Verifying patient clinical history and health status, evaluating related tests and images
  2. Communicating comfortably and clearly with patient to explain the procedure, answer questions and relay information about what to expect during the procedure
  3. Communicating any concerns to the referring or interpreting physician as needed prior to the planned ultrasound procedure
  4. Consulting with medical professionals and independently assessing any possible need to adapt the planned procedure to achieve optimal results
  5. Administering contrast media through an intravenous line as needed after receiving appropriate approval
  6. Upholding quality patient care standards as professionally defined before, during and after the procedure
  7. Operating the ultrasound equipment and analyzing findings in real time during the examination to ensure optimal data is obtained
  8. Physically moving or assisting the movement of the patient as necessary to ensure comfort, a successful procedure and minimal patient exposure to high-frequency sound waves
  9. Evaluating ultrasound exam results to identify expected and unexpected outcomes given the procedure plan as well as whether appropriate test guidelines and protocols were followed
  10. Identifying and documenting unexpected results that may indicate the need for further testing or immediate medical attention
  11. Completing ultrasound technician worksheets that explain test findings to the physician