Front Desk Receptionist


  1. High school graduate.
  2. Able to read, write, and communicate.
  3. Displays a primary interest in giving good patient care and maintaining standards of courtesy and friendliness to co-workers.
  4. Maintain BLS certification.
  5. Able to comply with patient confidentiality and integrity policy on all matters.
  6. Certification encouraged.
  1. Assist in preparing patient for endoscopy procedure.
  2. Accurately obtains vital signs as indicated and documents on medical records.
  3. Clean equipment according to policy.
  4. Observe Universe Precautions.
  5. Refers situation beyond ability or function to proper person.
  6. Assist with housekeeping responsibilities as directed by Endoscsopy Nurse.
  7. Inform nurse when leaving for break, lunch or leaving for the day.
  8. Seek educational opportunities and accepts responsibilities for own professional growth and development. Participate with inservice opportunities and staff meetings.
Specialized Duties
While other staff members may do the filing, you'll be responsible for maintaining a secure storage system that complies with privacy laws for confidential medical information. You might arrange for patients to be admitted to a hospital or schedule laboratory services. You'll ensure medical equipment is inspected and serviced regularly, and that clinical safety procedures are in place and followed. These can include disposal of bio-hazardous waste, storage of medications, and steps for reporting suspected abuse to authorities. If you have training as a medical assistant, you might prepare examination rooms and work directly with patients, taking vital signs and medical histories.